Finding Your Why.

Photo by  Denys Nevozhai  on  Unsplash

Every person has a why. A purpose, a cause or a belief of something that inspires you. It a deeper meaning to your life and why you chose to do the things you do and why you wake up every morning.

Finding your why is one of life’s greatest feeling but figuring it out is not always easy. So how do you find your why? How do you figure out what your contribution to this world will be?

Here are few questions that can help you, find your why!  

1. What gives you life?

This isn’t referring to materialistic things or travels that get you excited! This is deeper than that. What are you passionate about, what is that you do that brings your soul to life and makes you want to pour all of your energy and focus into it?    

2. What are your obvious strengths?

What is your natural talent? When people are in their natural element they are not only more productive, but they also add more value to their team. Ask yourself… what are some things you have always been good at? When do you feel the most inspired?

3. Where do you add the greatest value?

What are you good at, but enjoy doing? Doing great work but loathing it is not a pathway to fulfillment. Knowing what you are good and what enjoy to do are on the path to helping you find your why and the contributions behind it.

4. How do you measure your life?

People who stand for nothing can easily fall for anything. Deciding how you will measure your life and you success will allow you to make a stand for something and aligning your lifestyle with it. Sometimes this is hard, it is very simple for us to follow money and following the path of a regular salary versus our passion. It may be hard but eventually you will find that at first doing something you are passionate about may not offer stable financial security immediately  However doing it consistently and doing it well will.


Ashley Zamora