“One week in and already seeing slight changes, feeling stronger everyday.”

I am so grateful I was scrolling on IG and found The Ashley Way. Seeing the results her clients had inspired me, and I wanted the same results for myself! She has not only transformed my body (swimsuit season I'm comin' for ya!) but also my mindset on health, fitness, and cookies! I have literally tried dozens of workout programs such as CrossFit, Insanity, Camp Gladiator, the list goes on! 

But nothing quite worked like The Ashley Way. She was there through every sweat drop and every meal prep. Ashley motivated me through the program which helped me push myself in the gym; it helped me in continuing to make smarter decisions when eating. I honestly did have a cheat meal (or two, or three) but she never judged me. She motivated me to keep shooting for my goals. The plan was specific to me, my needs , and my macros. Through all of this I was able to reach my first milestone. I lost 5 lb, I feel stronger, and you should peep this booty (wink, wink). Although my plan has ended The Ashley Way has provided me with footsteps for success. I am confident that I will be successful in my fitness journey because The Ashley Way has provided me with knowledge on nutrition and exercise to target my specific goals. Me and my slimmer waistline thank Ashley so very much! 

— Chelsea Morales

Ashley Zamora